At the Dentist


Preventative Dental Care

Routine dental visits are essential for your overall health. Regular oral exams allow us to check the teeth to monitor the progress of previous conditions and diagnose new conditions. In addition, exams are a cost-effective way to prevent the necessity of more invasive treatment in the future. 

At our office, you will receive a thorough cleaning; including polishing, removal of stains and plaque. The dental hygienist also takes this time to provide you with the tools and information to improve your dental hygiene at home.

Most patients require a cleaning every three to six months.  Good dental hygiene helps to control inflammation in the body by decreasing the amount of harmful bacteria and infection present in the body, resulting in less stress on the body's immune system. Individuals with periodontal disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and heart disease generally are most affected by poor dental hygiene. 



Comprehensive Affordable Coverage



Includes 2 routine exams, 2 routine cleanings, 1 emergency visit, x-rays, 15-25% off all procedures.



Includes 4 routine exams, 4 routine cleanings, 1 emergency visit, x-rays, and 15%-25% off all procedures.


High Option

Includes monthly cleanings, exams, all necessary x-rays, emergency visits, 1 chairside whitening and 25% member discount on procedures.