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Routine Care

Routine dental visits are essential for your overall health. Regular oral exams allow us to check the teeth to monitor the progress of previous conditions and diagnose new conditions. In addition, exams are a cost-effective way to prevent the necessity of more invasive treatment in the future. 

Preventive care is imperative in order to maintain any dental work you may have including (but not limited to): fillings, crowns, and implants. Patients that do not keep up with their six month check-up may experience recurrent decay, broken/damaged restorations, and other oral health problems.

Most patients require a cleaning every three to six months. Good dental hygiene helps to control inflammation in the body by decreasing the amount of harmful bacteria and infection present in the body, resulting in less stress on the body's immune system. Individuals with periodontal disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and heart disease generally are most affected by poor dental hygiene. 

Patient Care Plans

Annual Plan


Includes all preventative care including cleanings, exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and an emergency visit.

Save 25% off other procedures such as fillings, crowns, and dentures. Save 10% off for each additional family membership.

*Monthly Payment option available with Sunbit approval. Otherwise, patients can pay one-time cost of $389.