• Dr. Vallerie B. Kee

X-ray Records

Transferring Records to Our Office

All patients are required to have a full mouth x-ray or panoramic x-ray on file for proper evaluation and diagnosis. Exisiting x-rays MUST be sent prior to your appointment. Often time waiting until the same day will result in the office not be available to send your x-rays over immediately.

New patients transferring to our office with current x-rays should have them emailed to Otherwise, if the patient is not eligible for new x-rays they will be responsible for the cost of the new x-ray which can range from $75-$150, depending on your insurance.

Most insurance plans will only cover the required x-ray every three years. This means that if a prior dentist took this x-ray on December 1, 2018 you will not be covered for the x-ray again until December 1, 2021. For this reason, you would need to email your x-ray to us prior to your appointment or take a new one at your appointment.

Transferring Records From Our Office

Per Maryland law, x-rays are retained for adult patients for seven years following their last dental appointment. Pediatric records are retained until the patient turns 21 or seven years following their dental visit (which ever is greater).

Due to HIPAA, a transfer request form will have to be signed and the records will either have to be emailed to an address on file or picked up in person. An administrative cost of $35 will apply. Please allow 24 hours for requests. We DO NOT recommend calling the same day you need the x-rays.

If you are requesting x-rays to go see a referred specialist (periodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist) there will be not be any administrative cost. The x-rays and referral will be sent directly to the patient's email. It will be the patient's responsibility to send them to the specialist's office. This ensures that the patient has the x-ray in their possession on the appointment date and will not have any problems presenting it.

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