• Dr. Vallerie B. Kee

Online Booking

We understand that our patient's lead very full and busy lives. In fact, we have come to realize that patients tend to need the dentist after hours, on weekends, and just about 24/7.

Our online booking will allow new and existing patients to schedule during their free time whether it is getting on the books for that overdue cleaning, scheduling your first visit or reserving a spot for emergency dental care. You may book early morning or late at night, regardless your appointment will be reserved in real time. Booking is easy and specialized towards your appointment preferences. If you experience any difficulty, please contact us during business hour at (301) 696-1016 for assistance. After hours, we may be reached by email at

Online appointment information will be verified during business hours. The patient will be contacted by the office if there is any issues concerning the information provided. Issues can be anything from a possible time conflict, missing patient registration or incorrect/flagged insurance information. If a patient books with insurance that we do not accept, they will be notified prior to their appointment.

Please note: due to COVID-19 appointments are in greater demand. For this reason, please book as soon as possible and avoid missing your appointment. Patients that miss appointments will have a very difficult time getting rescheduled as other patients will take priority.

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