• Dr. Vallerie B. Kee

Millions of Americans will lose their health insurance. How to stay covered in a pandemic?

Reports estimate that over 27 million Americans will lose their health insurance due to job layoffs. Once uninsured most patients find visiting the dentist a financial strain and begin to neglect their teeth. The bad news is patients that do not visit the dentist at least once a year are far more likely to experience serious dental problems that will be more costly down the line. For example, a cavity can be repaired for less than $100. However, left untreated a cavity will require a root canal that can be upwards of $1,000 not including the cost of the crown.

The good news is patients can receive comprehensive care for as little as $29 per month. For less than the cost of a manicure each month, a patient can receive a dental check-up twice a year, free x-rays, emergency visits, and low flat rate pricing for procedures like fillings and extractions.

This monthly membership is not considered insurance but works better than most dental plans. There are no waiting periods. No deductibles. And no claim denials or surprise fees.

This plan includes all the basics needed to maintain a healthy smile. Everything else needed to repair or restore your beautiful smile is provided for a transparent low flat rate price. For instance, with insurance you may pay $120 for one filling, you will pay less than $100 with our plan regardless of the size of the filling.

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