• Dr. Vallerie B. Kee

Attn: John Hopkins Medicare Patients

We are no longer accepting any new patients with John Hopkins Medicare. We will continue to treat our existing patients without any impact on care.


Q: Why did my insurance tell me you take the John Hopkins Medicare plan?

A: Effective July 1, 2020 we are only accepting existing patients with the John Hopkins Medicare plan. Your insurance has been informed of this change but may not have updated their records.

Q: Why did is participation limited with this plan?

A: We have limited our participation to existing patients only so that we may better accomodate our current patient basis. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many providers in the area have completely ended participation with the Medicare plans. Consequently, there is an overwelming patient volume that we are unable to accomodate at this time.

Q: How can I find a participating provider?

A: Contact DentaQuest using the member services phone number on your card. Patients may have to expand their search criteria for greater access to providers.

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