• Dr. Vallerie B. Kee

Our Pandemic Response

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times. As always, infection control remains a chief priority of our practice. To greater ensure the safety of our patients we will implement the following:

Patient Screening - When scheduling, patients will be asked to stay at home if sick. All individuals entering the building will be required to wear a mask and answer questions to determine potential exposure. The exam will include the checking of vital signs including body temperature. Patients exhibiting signs such as a fever will not treated and required to leave.

Staff Screening - All members of our dental staff have been practicing social distancing from others. We have been throughly screened and have not experienced any symptoms or illnesses. We understand that COVID-19 can be transmitted asymptomatically. For this reason, we will be wearing PPE at all times to protect patients and staff.

Personal Hygiene - Hand santizer will be available throughout various parts of the office. Patients will be required to wash their hands prior to treatment.

Social Distancing - The waiting room will be for patients only. Minor patients may be accompanied by a parent. Otherwise, appointments will be booked to ensure that only one patient is in the waiting room at a time. The increased time between appointments will allow time to extensively disinfect and sterilize the room.

Reception Disinfection - All items that patients or staff come into contact with (ie credit card machine, pens, reception seating, doorknobs, etc.) will be disinfected after each use. Other shared items such as magazines will be removed from the reception area due to difficulty to disinfect.

Clinical Disinfection/Sterilization - We utilize many items that are disposable. All items which can be disposable will be discarded after each patient. Critical items, such as surgical instruments are sterilized using our autoclave to heat sterilize. In all applicable cases, surface barriers will be used and replaced after each patient. All surfaces will be disinfected using hospital grade disinfectant products after each patient.

Personal Protective Equipment - We are fully stocked with masks, face shields, disposable gowns, gloves, and eye protection. All of which will be regularly changed to prevent the spread of germs within our office.

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