Patient Gallery

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44 year old patient presented with a chief complaint of misaligned teeth.

Before - Maxillary Arch


Misaligned lower anterior teeth

Before - Mandibular Arch


Patient underwent 1 year of treatment for smile correction and teeth whitening.

After- Custom Aligners


28 year old patient presented with severely decayed teeth and progressing gum disease. Patient first underwent gum treatment (Deep Cleaning) to remove hard deposits on the teeth and below the gums.

Before - Severe Decay


In comparison with the left central incisor, the appearance of the right side has improved. Gum health is priority for the continued oral health of this patient.

Composite v. Decay


Patients gums are inflamed due to gum disease from poor oral hygiene. Decay was removed and filled with tooth colored composite starting with the upper right quadrant of the patient's mouth.

After - Composite Restoration


69 year old patient presents with failing bridge.

Before - Old Bridge


Patient's smile was restored with a beautiful six-unit porcelain crown and bridge.

After - Crown & Bridge