Dentures are a  removable replacement option for patients missing teeth. Dentures can either replace some teeth (partial dentures) or all of the teeth in an arch (complete dentures). 

The traditional denture process consists of a consultation with the dentist to discuss the restoration plan. Patients may need preliminary oral surgery (extractions) prior to starting the denture process. The traditional route requires that patients first undergo any necessary extractions and heal prior to taking impressions for dentures. This allows patients to heal properly and achieve a better fit post-ridge shrinkage. 

An Immediate Denture is ideal for patients that do not want to go without their teeth for any amount of time. Instead, teeth are extracted the same day that the denture is delivered. However, immediate dentures do not have the benefit of a try-in like other dentures. For this reason, a reline may be necessary to improve the fit of the denture if the alveolar ridge (gum ridge) shrinks significantly during the healing process. 

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