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Dentures are an economical removable option for patients missing some or all of their teeth. Implants are a non-removable (fixed)  alternative for replacing teeth and the closest option to having their natural teeth. 

The traditional denture process usually requires preliminary oral surgery (extractions) prior to starting the denture process. The traditional route requires that patients first undergo any necessary extractions and heal prior to taking impressions for dentures. This allows patients to heal properly and achieve a better fit post-ridge shrinkage. 

The immediate dental process starts with taking impressions and removing teeth only after the denture is already made. Immediate dentures are good for patients that do not want to go without their teeth while their dentures are being made. The main disadvantage is patients will not experience the benefit of a try-in, meaning that the dentures fit may be compromised. 


Insurance typically covers at least 50% of the total cost. Copays are usually around $500.