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Dental crown and bridge are necessary in cases where there is missing or damaged tooth structure. A crown covers the entire tooth. This restoration not only strengthens the tooth, but also improves the appearance, shape, and alignment. Crowns are made with a variety of materials including porcelain, metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal, and gold. 

A dental bridge uses connected crowns to restore one or more spaces created by a missing tooth. At least one crown on each side of the missing tooth is cemented, as well as a connected prosthetic tooth. 


Crowns can be used to restore a tooth that has had a root canal. In the case that a root canal was completed the first step is to fill the access hole from the root canal and to build the tooth back up. After the tooth is prepped a temporary crown will be made for the patient to wear while we make the permanent crown. Once finished the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown cemented. 


On average most insured patients can expect to pay less than $500 for a crown. Discounts are available for uninsured patients who use our in-office plan.


Copayments start at around $400 with dental insurance.  Pricing includes preparation, the temporary crown, permanent crown, and permanent placement.