Dental crowns are necessary in cases where there is missing or damaged tooth structure. A crown covers the entire tooth. This restoration not only strengthens the tooth, but also improves the appearance, shape, and alignment. Crowns are made with a variety of materials including porcelain, metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal, and gold. 

A dental bridge uses specialized crowns to restore one or more spaces created by a missing tooth. At least one crown on each side of the existing space serves as an "anchor" for the replacement tooth or teeth. The process begins with preparing the anchor bordering the space for crowns. The next step is an impression and models to aid in the creation of the permanent bridge. Once the permanent bridge is approved for aesthetics and fit, the bridge will be permanently cemented in the mouth. Dental bridges can last upwards of 15 years, and in some cases a lifetime, with proper dental hygiene and regular check ups. 

Patients that do not maintain the space and arrangement of the teeth in the mouth likely experience drifting or misalignment of the teeth. As a result, the function, appearance, youth and vitality of a patient's smile can be dramatically compromised.

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